Like grains of sand in hourglass, time rolls past
Like the wind that blow so fast, life flew past
Never there was a land in dreams
Or was it there where we never went
We have come along a long way in life
Leaving our Neverland behind
Happened there a land, where we tried to catch the stars
Blew planes in wind and dreamed of trespassing to land above the stars
Where we raised the sea army of ants and sailed them for a water war
Where flower held a fragrance, and stars twinkled at night
Where we pursued the knowledge not to shackle our minds
Happened there a time, where we made bridges in air to walk over the town
When we believed every fairy, and our imagination had no bound
When walking between the giants, we never lost ourselves
Where school bus was the sinister, rocking horse was the monster
A single coin went with lots of planning to spend
Gone is the time, now we know the gravitation that holds our way
Now we have money but no time to spend
Now we are with our equal, but we have fear
Now we stand vulnerable, now we hardly find friend in the world

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