Night and Day

Don’t give up when far seems the dusk
Don’t give up when you have tasted the dust
May be success shares bed with the rest
But it’s the mistress that always looks for the next
Dark can’t be scary as its dead with twinkle of little insect
Nothing can sink in us gloom when we carry hope in our chest
Life may be a convoluted thread, with beads of problem choking it for breath
Pick loose end and tread your way to the next
So many reasons can be to a failure, but success has one reason of your will
Remember that you are destined to win, may you need to elbow your sail just an edge
Luck is like a pint of salt which is added with the food cooked
While you holden your feet, luck can’t beat
If you give yourself a choice, luck comes to life
Don’t bet on luck when it matters the most
Cause luck is your ship but wind you need to blow

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