Conformists Vs Radicals

A case in example for the Darwin’s theory of evolution is the structure of our society that has mix of conformist and radicals. According to Darwin’s theory, a simple crossover is required for specie to evolve from one generation to the other. A mutation in the gene is capable of making specie sustain the changing environment. A mutation can either peril or rise over the generations, enabling a specie to sustain the changing environment.
Cross overs and mutants are like conformist and radicals that are present in any society. Whereas conformists ensure that the current conventions are followed, the non-conformists challenge the age-old conventions, beliefs and try to change them for good. Our society requires a right mix of conformist and non-conformists. A totally conformists shall perish as it will not be able to sustain the challenging world. Similarly, a non-conformist society can get anything done as everyone will be having their own belief, lacking a consensus to get anything done.
If we go through the history of different civilisations, we will find that non-conformists challenge the beliefs – scientific or religious, political system, the way the business are done and any more established conventions of the society. If non-conformists rose as leaders in political system, business or religion, conformists followed them to get their ideas in place. Gandhi was a good leader but in absence of his followers, he could not have won the independence for his country. Similarly, if every Gujarti fellow was as rebellious as Dhiru bhai Ambani, no one would have been there to run the Reliance company, which is the India’s industrial crown jewel. Till this date, we would have wrongly known that earth is the centre of universe, if there was no non-conformists like Galileo who challenged the church’s dictate. A non-conformist plays the role of a mutant gene, enabling the society to evolve according to the changing time. On the contrary, a conformists is like a simple crossover gene that ascertains that established practices either conventional or radical are sustained over the period of time.
A conformal or Non-conformal outlook of an individual is because of his upbringings as much as the situations and calls that he has to take over his life. Gandhi was a conformist but a train travel changes him to a radical person. Mangal Pandey was serving cadet in the British Army. It took a bite of bullet that hurt his religious sentiment to change him to a non-conformists and he went on to be freedom fighter.

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