Life Sped Past

Life Sped Past
I tried to catch up but I was not that fast
I have my innocence lost in the days
When I didn’t see any benefit
In earning more than a meal’s day
There was no God, nor was the demon
With faith in my heart I lived every moment
20s will soon turn to 30s and I will grow sage
But child at heart I will still be the one in 8s
In my sleep came upon the God
Asking me if I want to go in past
Though I would love to live it back
But life is good on a rollercoaster
Not when the sails are put on rest
I would not trade back my time
Because I am sum of the experiences that have gone so far
There could have been more that I could have achieved
But there is still a big race left to watch
Though many a dream pan across my eyes
But you will not find them closed
Cause I have to fill every unforgiving minute with a smile
And before sand runs out of the hour glass
I need to make every breath worth a life time

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