My Tooth Affair

Childhood ecstasies are weird! Somehow I used to enjoy the taste of lead when I was a kid. I use to chew my pencil’s nib too often and soon I had a stock of lead stubbed in one of my tooth. I had carved a space in a tooth to fit lead into it. I can’t remember if it pained but I did it using compass. Once I had the space in my tooth, I use to cache up the lead supply for the day. I initiated my first tooth’s decay at an early age and by the time I gained senses the damage had been done beyond repair. I was in 10th standard when the doctors successfully arrested the decay of my tooth by filling the cavity with PVC. The tooth decay wasn’t that bad that it would require a root canal. But, who could have averted the destiny?
Fast forward to year 2012 and now I am sitting on a dentist’s chair in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. I have to go through the ordeal of root canaling and doctors have assured me it won’t hurt. And let me tell you they were right. The local anesthesia really worked. Though I could see them drilling my tooth, once again, it didn’t hurt. As they were done with their work, I realized that they had not only leveled my tooth to the ground (gums) but also drilled inside my nerves and filled something in them that blocked the sense of pain back to my brain. That was a kind of arrestor that they had put in the path of the sensory ganglion nerves (synaptic nerves). A nice piece of work and here as well I found that common sense prevailing science.
Once doctors were done with me, they gave me an appointment for the next week. Also, they asked to choose my new tooth. Now, what the hell I can about the choices they were throwing on me. I picked the one that cost me dearly above the others. A grand 10k bucks for a tooth that I brutally killed during my childhood.
The second dental appointment went pretty well. I didn’t even realize before the doctors had fitted the tooth cap over the stub that was all left from the previous sitting. Now, I must admit the new tooth though seemed odd for first few days, now it feels as a part of my body, an extension of me.
Now, there’s a science fiction doing rounds in my mind. The gadgets will soon be the extension of humankind, as in the movie Avatar. They will be enabling us to augment our senses and perceive what we can’t do with the senses bestowed upon us.

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