Nobody Dies a Virgin and so would I

The toughest part in the whole endeavour of novel writing was revealing the title of my novel to my family. For obvious reasons I was not so comfortable to reveal the title of my novel and explain the rationale behind picking that for my work. I had chosen the title for my work before I had even started writing.

I didn’t reveal the title of my novel to my parents till the date it got released. I use to take excuse by stating that I am still working on the title of my novel. On the release date, my father asked me again and this time I had no genuine excuse, so I stated the name, hoping that my father take it in a passing. But, to make the matter further embarrassing for me, my father asked the meaning of virgin. Now, I improvised. “Koi kawara nahin marta” that’s what I told my father. My brother who was witness to all this quipped in the next second, translating the tagline for my benefit. “Koi kawara nahin marta … zindagi sabke screw tight kar dete hain”

It didn’t end there. It was not supposed to be that peaceful after all. My father got the meaning of virgin from somewhere and then I had to admit the true meaning. He seemed appreciative of my reasoning and didn’t say much but I still wonder how he would have taken me resorting to lying on his face.

If this was not enough, let me add a few more embarrassing situations that I faced after my novel got published. After the novel’s release was made public, I was asked too often the same question, “Are you a virgin?” That was a difficult question to be answered. I simply used to admit that I am yet to be married.

I have been asked many embarrassing questions about the bold title of my novel. Though I generally skip most of the questions but a comment left me have a hearty laugh.
“Don’t take the title so seriously, Saadi kar le!”

​So, this was the comment from one of my close friends. Close friends only can be so creative, I guess.

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