What writing means to me

Writing has been the greatest joy of my life. I love writing stories that can inspire others to rise above the challenges in their lives and achieve their dreams. I am a published author of novel titled ‘Nobody Dies a Virgin’ and my second novel is in publication.

Personally, I find writing a great learning opportunity. The research that I put in for scripting my stories enables me to explore different destinations, people, technology, culture, history and various other facets of human relations and social interactions. The writing allows me to unwind from the stress of everyday life, express my creative self, weave an imaginative world perfected by me and live a life otherwise unknown to me. The feedbacks for my work from the critics and fans have taught me to take appreciation and criticism in the same stride, be humble, introspect about the success and learn from the failures. Moreover, as an author, I got opportunities to participate in diverse literary forums and interact with people from various walks of life. These interactions have been instrumental in improving my interpersonal skills and understanding of human behaviour.

Professionally, I believe that the creative writing has enriched my management skills and lateral thinking aptitude. Any work of fiction centres on a protagonist, the conflicts in his life and the resolution of those conflicts. As the story unravels, plot by plot, scene by scene, an author has to make many choices, always keeping in perspective the idiosyncrasies and various other personal details of the characters in the story. The rigor involved in such tasks helps me find the solution that exists beyond the laid down framework. I strongly believe that my writing acumen has positively benefited my professional career. It has helped me to learn to process and communicate complex ideas effectively, memorize new information and brainstorm new ideas. The aptitude for keen observation, perseverance, time management and the lateral thinking has helped me to grow in my professional career.

​Writing is an activity that is close to my soul and has taught me to dream, persevere and lead. The whole experience of getting published has been a life revelation to me and has transformed me for good. From being sceptical about my abilities in creative writing, I went on to acquire a new skill and excel in that. This has added a lot of confidence and positive attitude to my personality. Now, I don’t shy away from venturing into virgin territories or developing new skills. The experience has made me a staunch believer of the philosophy that any talent can be acquired with deliberate practice and a goal in mind. I have learned to challenge my comfort zone to live a life true to my passion and beliefs. As I write more and more novels, I can feel I am evolving both personally and professionally.

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