You Brought me back

When my world had toppled upside down
And when I found no one around
When the nights were scary and days were drowsy
When sleep was agony and pain abound
You brought me back
When I was on the verge of breaking down

I had been crawling on my knees
When you picked my finger and taught me to run on the street
You showed me light and built apiece my world around
I was on the verge of breaking down
When you raised me back from the ground

You washed away the grudges from my mind
And painted its walls with new hope for life
You heard all child hood stories, never laughed on my fancy
  There was no land above the sky, but you tilted the map vertical
To prove that I always have been right

Destiny has brought us on a crossroad, where we need to tread on separate ways
But all roads meet at the end, I shall run my way to wait for you till you’re done
We have history to write and there it shall begin

This day shall stand as a souvenir for all the good times we shared
For all the things we learned, and for all promises that comes as heir
Good Bye Friend


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