If you Miss the Target

Don’t worry if you miss the target, as you tried hard to edge it
Don’t worry if you get a beating, as you tried hard to beat it
Tis optimistic targets that miss date,
Pessimists can’t even inch towards change

Showing results is not all; creating new problem does need a call
It’s better to risk than to keep distance and play safe
As Philosopher’s stone may be a fail,
but alchemists found the science that took the world in a gale

Empires have rebound after getting razed to ground
There’s always a stop but never had it been full
Phoenix never was cremated in stories
Titans fuelled it, resurrecting themselves from ashes of time

Life is cozy in luxury of savings, only extravagant knows the pain
Tis better thy sweat in rain, only then he can hold high arrow to his aim
Life is binary but it comes in shades, Get it done before it fades
It always has been easy to glide but it does take the courage to turn the tide

The one who hits them all
Savors success which for him is not the all
 Success can’t get him a little shade of vain
and he is who passes the test keeping himself sane

Sanjay Kumar Shukla

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