Just be my friend

This may not be the opportune to show what I have for you,
The feelings the emotions all that make me human,
But, this the effort I put forth
To show how I look
You, only you whom I have stared long enough to keep the record
In every move that you took I was somewhere to ogle for

The fear and greed that rule human psyche
Have been for some time by my side
The fear of losing you in time and place
Ruled by the greed to have you near my space
Underpinned me to tell the truth 

Tell you the truth which I dare to dream
  I dream to have the charming lady in my life
Sharing all her opinions and choice
I wanna know more
Her whims and fanatic lores

Eventhough I wish to have the feelings same
But if she looks this with disdain
I share no regrets,
As this
Script is written to bug me through and out my life
She can tear the page holden and go her side
If still she believes in the belief I hold
Then can give me a call on

Sanjay Kumar Shukla

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