National Day

Comes again the national day,
Patriotism is filled every corner
Songs, memoirs, vows and pledges, it’s the season of words

Enthused one asked thy
If comes the call, will you go high
High above the materialistic gain
Where courage takes all the pain
Will you think twice, to give your all, even your life?

No was what took him with an awe
Perhaps I don’t see dying something a feat of difference
Even an animal dies to a call; saving the sanctuary that is its all
We do it a lot better
We glorify the death so high
Even the wisest of all shall wish to die

Behind every bullet and every cane
There’s a voice going in vain
No one likes to guzzle in pain
Or lead a kamikaze for just a name
Behind every sacrifice
There is a hope for life, shaded by the tears that one shy
No one wants to die, fending the wall that never stood so high

I want to die,
I want to die, digging the foundation that holds the wall of hatred so high
I want to work more bringing the light to what today we ignore
I want to bring zeal, where humanity and life binds the deal
I want to kick a storm
Which uproots all, but love and respect that binds us all

I want to bring us on a paradigm where we value life so high
That on the national day
People raise their voice to life, not to die
Nobody even the one, asks me to die

Sanjay Kumar Shukla 

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