Thank you

World is big enough and path of life is long
We shoulder our journey with many, but don’t give our arm to all
Few only dwell in our life
While few among them shape our choice
Fewer are those, whom we try to imitate,
Assimilate their persona and copy their shades

Wouldn’t it be selfish to claim that I am all by self?
On the base inherited, I wrote many classes shaping myself
A few of those classes I borrowed from my friends
A few I wrote while chasing and competing with my alter self

Before moving on in life I like to pause
Sit and think of people who helped me among the lot
Before embarking on a new journey,
I would like to dust off the shelves of gratitude in my mind
Rub them up, infusing a new life

You are one to influence my life
I feel happy that I made the right choice
I have tried to copy your better shades in my life
But “CTRL+C and CTRL+V” was not the way, I realized
“Thank you”
For being with me as my friend
And a mentor to life time
I will surely win one day and have the better of you coming my way


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