My Poems


World is big enough and path of life is longWe shoulder our journey with many, but don’t give … Read More


My bags are packed and I am ready to goBut this ain’t end of the showOne journey has … Read More


I am intoxicated and so is the world
Intoxication is in the air
Else who plays the game of life as if it were a musical chair? … Read More


You and me, on a jungle ride.Through the wild and savage life Starting our journey with the sun in … Read More


When my world had toppled upside downAnd when I found no one aroundWhen the nights were scary and … Read More


‘Make a wish and rock your stars,’ a genie said walking out of his black car He puffed … Read More


Time never had been a two way pass
You bike through without a pause
Ups and down, roll and rock
Time keeps us all on the toss … Read More


Life Sped PastI tried to catch up but I was not that fastI have my innocence lost in … Read More


Comes again the national day,Patriotism is filled every cornerSongs, memoirs, vows and pledges, it’s the season of words … Read More


Don’t give up when far seems the duskDon’t give up when you have tasted the dustMay be success … Read More


Don’t worry if you miss the target, as you tried hard to edge itDon’t worry if you get … Read More


Up and down, right and left, its same door looking to the resttick tick tick tick … … … Read More


If I were a painter, it’s only you that I would have drawn.As an actor, it’s only you … Read More


This may not be the opportune to show what I have for you,The feelings the emotions all that … Read More


Like grains of sand in hourglass, time rolls pastLike the wind that blow so fast, life flew pastNever … Read More

A StartUp Affair

My second novel is slated for release soon, get in touch with me for more information!